Dorset Art Weeks - VENUE 16  
All the paintings are oil paint on canvas, and range in size and price from £185 to £495
Signed, limited edition, linocut prints from £65 to £85 mounted, unframed.
The Gatekeepers. Oil on linen canvas

The Gatekeepers   £475
Mayflies and hobby

Mayflies and hobby  £65
The horse chestnut and Fullers Earth

Chestnut and Fullers Earth  £185
Mappercombe lake at dawn

Mappercombe lake at dawn  £225
Back Lane in early spring

Back Lane in early spring   £485

Jackdaws  £65
The road to Beaminster

The road to Beaminster  £185
The road to Eggardon

The road to Eggardon SOLD
Poundbury, old and new.

Poundbury old and new.  £285
East Coker oak

East Coker oak  £485
The white field, Maiden Newton.

The white field, Maiden Newton  £485
St Catherine's chapel at dawn

St Catherine's chapel at dawn  £485
Melbury Osmond ford in winter

Melbury Osmond ford in winter  £385
Portal to the landscape at Maiden Newton

Portal at Maiden Newton SOLD
Beeches above Little Bredy

Beeches above Little Bredy  £385
Tilly Whim Farm - sorry about the photo!

Tilly Whim farm  £265
Chesil at dawn

The Chesil at dawn  £385
The Ravens - an early version before I had put them in!

The raven  £365
The fisher and swallows

Fisher and swallows  £65
The old larch

The old larch  £365
Back Lane, Cattistock, in late spring.

Back Lane in spring  £465
Hawfinches in the church hornbeams, Cattistock.

Hawfinches and hornbeams at Cattistock  £65
Green hill by the sea.

Dawn over Abbotsbury £465